Winter in the city.

November 9, 2010
The snow falls upon concrete streets where heavily dressed people hurry across the ground.
Moving along mindlessly with red faces buried in thick scarves.
The winter cold has taken it’s toll across this city, where the stray cats and beggars have taken shelter away.
This is winters harsh symphony playing silently.

And the snow which was white is now grey and dirtied thrown about the street.
Mid winter magic is all but a dream.
The freezing souls lie in the freezing cold and radiant thoughts of angels and peace are long forgotten.

The innocent though still do dream of a wonderland where they can harvest these magical thoughts.
Soft jazz tunes sweep the city with smells of warm baked delights.

And the foggy lights that shine oh so faintly at night,
Give me hope for all kind.
And the snow will always fall.
And that’s when I start to think,
And realize. All the pain and beauty winter brings.

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