You Don't Understand

November 9, 2010
By Jessica Rovida SILVER, Los Lunas, New Mexico
Jessica Rovida SILVER, Los Lunas, New Mexico
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Childhood remembrances are always strange when your parents are divorced. You always remember things like living in Anaheim, CA where your dad gets robbed. And if you are rich and spoiled, they never care one bit about your life, or the great supportive mother that sold her wedding ring to buy you food. From a person who lives in one of those mansions up in Beverly Hills to feel sorry for you, they don't understand because you were happy even without the money. As our family lets us sleep in their living rooms instead of on the streets, you lye dreaming of living in a house where mom and dad didn't fight, and where they weren't getting a divorce. You begin to feel the warm tears drip down your face, and forget the fact the Christmas presents were from good will, and that your parents aren't arguing. And I really hope no rich person ever insults me, because they don't understand that this was my way of life, and divorced families can have good times. And we probably have better family love then them, but they will never understand that all the while, I was enjoying life.

The author's comments:
With all the hard times I've been through, I look back and cannot remember one day that I was not happy. I lived in a motel and I was still living life to the fullest.

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