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November 3, 2010
By justagirl. GOLD, Waco, Georgia
justagirl. GOLD, Waco, Georgia
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"Maybe it’s not always about love and boys. Maybe it’s about the little crushes and flirts in between. It's the moments that are before the permanent that are the most beautiful, like when the sun’s rising or when it’s setting. Maybe those are the moments that are suppose to take your breath away."

I've got these faded memories left from our last conversation. My own words echo in my head.
It's no mystery how I've come to this situation. I still choke on the words I said.
I told you that I hate you, but you know that could never be true.
Honestly, if I had my way, right now, I'd be with you.
Everyone asks me if I'm still in love with you. I smile and say "F*** no."
I guess, for that, you could call me a liar, but they don't have to know.
The last time we talked, I wish I didn't say the things I said.
I'd take it all back if I could, but it it's too late for regrets.
I guess you haven't changed much. Considering where you are now.
I'm sorry you never learned your lesson. I'd help you if I could, but there's just no way out.
You've made your own decisions, but I'm afraid they weren't too wise.
This is what life becomes when you base it on nothing but lies.
However, I still miss you and I'll care no matter what.
I said I'd forget you, but I haven't and it sucks.
If you were to ever ask me if I still love you, of course I'm gonna lie.
But you'll know I'm lying when the expression on my face is a smile.
I didn't mean what I said last time we talked. What I meant to say was, "Remember this,
I'll love you forever && always. P.S. Don't forget that last kiss.

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