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He's that kind of guy

November 3, 2010
By livingmylife4512 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
livingmylife4512 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Any lyric by The Maine or Never Shout Never
"I am I, you are you, we are we, we could live in such harmony"

Everything starts with a friend request
In my case, he requested me
I kind of wanted a rest
But he didn't see
He spoke his sweet words
I fell for him faster than an apple falls from a tree
He kept spitting out the right words
He had his spell on me
But his spell was cast on many girls
He took too many hearts
Took up all of their worlds
It was like he was playing darts
And he was the best around
He ended up breaking me down
Buried me in a mound
He didn't care, he wore the crown
The crown that casts his spell
The spell that made all the girls
Enter his personalizied hell
Which ruins all the girls

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