Age Seventeen

November 19, 2010
By WiteOut GOLD, DePere, Wisconsin
WiteOut GOLD, DePere, Wisconsin
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Only 17 years old
How can I make a change in the world
I can’t just sit here and wait
I want to change this world’s fate
End all the discriminating hate
Yet look at my age
They just turn the page
Leave me here in a rage
As they kill the world one human at a time
I will stand with a mic and spit out a rhyme
Try to be heard
Help to spread the word
But will they listen
Or will they think I’m just p*****’
Am I just a waste
Or can I start a new pace
Will you take a stand
Or will I be the only one to make this demand
Now move your feet don’t allow this time to repeat
And in the end this mission will be complete

The author's comments:
It just seems that at my age my voice is not heard. I may be young but I have many views that may help change this world, will they listen?

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