Just a Dream

November 19, 2010
By FTSDF GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
FTSDF GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
Listen to your Heart, Your Mind Will Mislead You.

Tomorrow is different then the previous day before,
It has a Certain Peace, You wake to no war, Outside your closed door. The sun is shining through the branches of the Trees , no one is yelling and fighting, no one in the street bleeds.
The World is safe, In this time and in this place, theres no crime, no murder case.
There’s boys in the street Playing a Basketball game, Some one calls a foul, Surprisingly there is no blame. Those Girls at the mall, there’s no names being called, There’s no tripping or pushing, no one falls.
There’s nothing to win, Just Cherish your time. Find that tallest mountain, and start to climb.
Time goes too Fast, So you try so hard to make it last, and leave all your pain in misery, laying in the past.
But then there’s an awful Scream, & you awaken from what was just a perfect dream.
You realize that nothing is what it truly Seemed..
There’s disruption, there IS a bloody War,
Theres Crimes in the Streets, no food for
the Poor.
The boys in the street are fighting over a foul ball,
the girls call out names as they pass you in the hall.
Peace is crying, People aren’t trying, leaving each other to fend for themselves, the death of another is remembered by the church bells.
What happened to that wonderful place where the world was all on the same team? You try to remember that time you had before that Ear-splitting Scream..
You walk down the Hall realizing nothing is what it seemed...
I want the World, how it was in just a pleasant Dream..

“I have told you these things, So that in me you may have Peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take Heart! For I have Overcome this World!”
-John 16.33

The author's comments:
I did this for a school.. it's just things that spoke to me..

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