I asked my father

November 19, 2010
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I once asked my father if I could fly, but he said the sky would not let me,
I asked my father I could go out to sea, But he said that I would drown and the sea would become my tomb,
I begged my father to let me run, But he said I would fall,
I told my father I wanted to go to the woods, But he told that I would get lost and never come out,
So I took matters into my own hands, I went and flew until my name was painted in the sky,
Then I went out to sea to where I met the moon at the horizon of the earth, And I trekked through the woods until the whole forest knew my name,
When I walked back into my home, every was normal, The next day, I told my father I was going out to sea,
But he pointed at the buoys that would maintain my at the surface, I became irritated and ripped them off,
But he said that I wouldn't be able to swim without them, So I asked him if could fly,
But he picked up a chain and rattled it, I was constrained to this earth,
I broke the chain, But he said that I would not fly either way,
I then asked my father if I could walk the woods, But he pointed to a stiff, straight path,
I started to veer off the path, but he said that I would walk the woods in that manner,
I became angry and destroyed the path, I walked up to him and told him that I would go to sea, and fly and walk the woods, on my own,
But he said that I would not, But I did, and when I did,
I nearly drowned in the sea, I fell from the sky, and I nearly met my demise, and when I walked the woods I got lost and almost perished inside.
I got up and looked at him,
broken and bleeding I told him "you were right father",
He looked back and responded "I know, as your father I know what is best for you."

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