November 18, 2010
By candicekight BRONZE, Worthington, Ohio
candicekight BRONZE, Worthington, Ohio
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Plagiarize you self destruction
Deconstruction Deconstruction
Others still have done it redder
Bled better, bolder, bolder, bolder

Lead on, bend in, cave your spine
Convex, this cook, pale exposed neck

Artful nudes, she-poet broods
Which moods are best expressed in prose?
A stolen rhyme, hijack his pattern
Force his Latin, "Modern, Modern!"

Is my pain in fashion?
I know, not real without reaction

Devoted faction:
Zealots! Treason! Rhyme melts reason.
I'm out of season, out of season.

Exposed blank frame
No shame, no shame
It's the same pulsing vein
Lifeblood of thought

Our game's the same
It's pain, just pain
A different name
Your gain, my shame

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