First Match

November 16, 2010
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Hoods up standing with my team,
Eminem is roaring in my ears,
Goosebumps running through my skin,
See my coach and my team focused all set on one goal,
Nervous as could be, heart is pounding like a butchers cleaver,
Hands are shaking then the music starts,
The captains lead us to the mat, throw the headgear to the bench,
The first match is coming I know its my weight,
My coach cracks my back hoping to end able to celebrate,
I run out of the chute into the sharp light,
Stare into my opponents eyes, deep,dark,sapphire,
Hard firm handshake,then a loud piercing whistle gets blown,
He shoots for my legs and I sprawl to the mat,
I get free and its back to the start,
Shoot for his legs swept right off the mat,
My mind is racing what to do next but without
any thought just naturally put him to his back
exhausted,breathing heavy, sweaty, and dizzy,
My team screams giving me the energy I need to finish it there,
I heard the refs hand hit and it was like I went deaf
All I could keep hearing is that thud to the mat,
Hand got raised and all emotions cleared out of my body,
Most memorable marvelous thing that has ever happened to me,
No words can describe it I was too far beyond happy,
I was so far gone not even lights could reach me,
I felt infinite.

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