Brokenhearted Anger

November 16, 2010
There I stood with my insecurities resting on my sleeves
Gave you the chance to finally see me
But you just walked all over me

Here I stand mad as hell
Trying to figure out why your words hurt so much
But I know why

Because for I once I let you try to be a grown up
Tried to let you see the ugly of my life
Let you step into the door of my soul

But I’m pushing you right back out
Cause you brought mud in on the souls of your feet
And traced it all over my hopes and dreams

I hope your happy now
That you finally got me to throw in the towel

Here I stand five thousand feet back from where I was
I just really wana punch you
But I’m so hurt I don’t even blame you

Man why do I try to find the good in my enemies?
Right now I really hate you
And I hope you never read this

Actually I take that back
I wish you didn’t exist
This might be mean
But at least its how I feel

So go ahead and judge my feelings
But at least I can see past the hand in front of your face
Man I really hate you

Why did you make me feel so worth less?
Like nothing more than another project

I asked you what I was to you
And you still haven’t answered
But I never expected you too

Cause I’m nothing to you

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