Emo Love {Dreaming Memories}

November 16, 2010
By , Dunbarton, NH
Lies so shocking the world would shake.
Tears so big it could drown the sky.
Sorry can’t cut it.
Nothing more can be done,
It’s time to move on,
Time to forgive and forget,
Cuts so deep hospitalization is needed.
But she won’t go,
She wants to feel all of the pain,
He feels the same,
He drinks and smokes,
Cheats and sneaks.
What more could happen.
Life or death?
It’s funny, because they both felt death before,
Brought back to life,
When they wanted it to end,
When they see the damage left.
Tears swell in their eyes.
A hug so tight you’d think they don’t breathe,
This is a story,
A fantasy if you will.
Who is to know if this is real.
But to me,
It’s a memory of a dream.
A dream I have everyday,
The pain amplified by the glaring, and blaring eyes of others,
When the time returns, they escape to a dream world.
Life so bright,
No cuts or bruises,
No stares or glares,
Memories of the future flood to mind,
What could be and what won’t be,
They do not coexist.
It’s what will be.

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