Tears in The Sky

November 16, 2010
By emily321 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
emily321 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
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I shal never forget
That fateful day
That heartwrenching moment
When they slipped away

I felt the tears
Saw the Rain
Was never alleviated
From the despair and pain

Outside, the thunder
rumbled and rolled
The wind continued
to blow so cold

Lightening Crackled
Raindrops fell
It was as if the weather
Knew my emotions well

I lay in bed
Continuing to weep
Never shutting my eyes
Nor falling asleep

I fought the decision
To run and Hide
For I didn't have anyone
With which I could confide

I continued to lay there
My decision pending
Who says that life
Always has a happy ending

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