November 16, 2010
By Andrew Leonard BRONZE, Wharton, NJ, New Jersey
Andrew Leonard BRONZE, Wharton, NJ, New Jersey
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The thing I like most about myself
Is my ability to bounce back from things
Like a bumpy red rubber ball
Bouncing off a coarse crimson brick wall
Back to the small elementary boy who threw it.
No matter the situation
I can always find the silver lining
I seek the positive side of what life chooses to throw at me
My optimism sees me through the worst of times
Living life to its fullest
I constantly reassure myself that everything will turn out fine
Things tend to work themselves out
I see other people with stressed filled lives
Worrying about their jobs and how big the oil bill is
And thinking of nothing else
They always focus on the negative and their life passes them by
Before they even have a chance to enjoy it
Their negativity is like a weed that will not go away.

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