Where I'm From

November 16, 2010
By Matty-O BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
Matty-O BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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I am from… soccer balls
I am from… skis and bikes
From the forest green turf field and the new paper white, soft, and un-used snow on the ground
To the rough, beaten paths and trails in the never ending woods.

I am from… Nature and its Beauties
I am from my closest friends and family who support me in everything I do.

I am from… the smarties and the athletes
From pens and pencils to cleats and shin guards
I am from… the classroom to the field

I am from… the food on my plate and the candy in my drawer
From steak and Snickers,
Fajitas and Hershey’s,
and Pizza and Twix.

I’m from… the memories in all the things that I do
Pictures and news of my life that are kept in a scrap book
In a mess of dusty and forgotten old toys by my basement door.

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