Why Cant You Tell Me?

November 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Can I tell you something?...I still love you. I don’t know why I still love you. I am trying not to love you but it’s just too hard for me to forget about you. I know you told me to forget about you. But do you know how hard that is for me to do. Well if you don’t know then you are about to find out. It’s hard for me to forget about you. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to forget about you. But then when I see your face. Then I know why it is so hard for me to forget about you. When I was with you I was at my happiest. I don’t know why I was at my happiest. Wait I do rember why I was at my happiest. You were the one who made me happy, smile, made me get butterflies when you looked into my eyes, when you put your arms around me, when we first kissed, when you hugged me, when you held my hand, but most of all when you told me I love you. I still love you so much. But I guess you really didn’t love me. Want to know how I know that you really didn’t love me. When I called and asked you if you were cheating on me and you said yes. That’s how I know.
But I guess it was all a lie. Why did you lie to me? What did I do that made you lie to me? Was it because you met my mom? What was it? That is the question that I ask myself every day. I want to know what I did. I asked you what I did to make you cheat on me. But you told me that you didn’t want to tell me. Why don’t you want to tell me? Is it going to hurt me? What is it?...i guess I have to stop asking and just wait till you are ready to tell me. But I don’t want to wait I want to know what I did. But I guess I am not going to find out this moment. I guess I am going to find out later.

I just want to let you know that I am still in love with you. Sounds crazy huh? Well I know it is but it’s all true. I told you that I don’t like you anymore and that I have moved on. But who are we kidding I haven’t moved on. And neither have you. I know that you haven’t moved on. I just know. But I am going to tell you how I know.

We were together for to long for you to just forget about me like that. We had too many special moments, you looked at me in a certain was that I can’t explain. We talked too much on the phone and over text. We hugged each other to long before we went to our classes. We had good times during break and lunch. But most of all me and you had this connection that I felt and I know that you felt. But you won’t want to admit it to yourself that you still like me. I know why you don’t want to admit it to yourself. Its cause you have too much pride and I hate that you have too much of it. You also don’t want to admit it because you know that you messed up. Most of all the only reason you don’t want to admit it to your self is because the girl that you cheated on me with she makes out with you every day.

I would kiss you. But not every day like she did. I have more class and self-respect then that. If she makes out with you like that then she doesn’t have any self-respect like that. You never know how many other guys she has kissed.

To me I felt like you were the one. But I guess you weren’t. but I still feel like you were the one for me and you will always be that one guy that I cried over and that I am still going to cry over. I tell myself that I am not going to cry over you. But I just can’t help it. When you give a smile I know that, that smile wasn’t for me it was for someone else that’s when I will miss you the most.

Even though I and you still talk text. I want to tell you all this that I am writing but I just can’t. If I do tell you all of this then that is going to ruin mine and your relationship as being friends. I don’t want to ruin that relationship because if i/we do then that’s means that me and you won’t be able to talk text or even paly our special game.

I know me and you still have something and you don’t want to admit it to your- self. I all-ready admitted it to myself. Now it’s just your turn to admit it. When are you going to admit it? It doesn’t take that long to admit it. So now it’s all up to you. Just tell me when and I will be ready to hear those words.

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on Dec. 9 2010 at 1:23 pm
jasmineluvsyou BRONZE, Baldwin Park, California
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good job on the writing i cam really relate to it 

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