Do you care?

November 15, 2010
By emjay33 SILVER, Freeport, Maine
emjay33 SILVER, Freeport, Maine
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Do you care what’s wrong with me?
Does it matter to you if I’m upset?
When you ask me what’s wrong,
and I say nothing,
do you leave it at that?
Or do you put in the effort to dig deeper,
find out the truth?
Do you judge me with your first glance,
listening to the rumors and exaggerations
of things that have or have not happened to me?
Or do you come to me and ask me for the truth,
not just for confirmation?
Do you care at all about me?
Or am I just something to be used,
then tossed aside like an old toy?
Am I destined for a place on the Island of Misfit Girls?
Maybe the old me would have been okay with that.
But not the new me.
The new me won’t put up with this.
The new me won’t tolerate being tossed aside.
The new me will fight for what I believe in.
And I won’t let anyone bring me don’t.
Not anymore.

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