Angel Boy

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Angel boy
Look at me
In your eyes
I can hardly breathe

Angel boy
What have you done?
Can't you see
What I've become?

Angel boy
I'm your slave
I can't be saved.

Angel boy
Look and see
A part of you
Lies in me

Angel boy
You shine your light
So everything in my world
is bright.

Angel boy
Please no tears
Together we can
chase these fears.

Angel boy
You ate my heart
Pulled me in
from the very start.

Angel boy
By my side
I'm not alone
2 souls collide

Angel boy
Yours and mine
Let's get lost
without a sign

Angel boy
I need you so
This love inside
just wants to grow

Angel boy
Perfect one
with nothing wrong

Angel boy
Sweet and strong
Promise me
We'll carry on

Angel boy
Until the end
My broken dreams
you will mend

Angel boy
I understand
Our morals match
Please take my hand

Angel boy
Magic to me
But no-one else
seems to see

Angel boy
You're my bright star
In this cruel world
of broken hearts

Angel boy
Sent to me
To stop the hurt
And set me free

Angel boy
A sirens call
Hold me close
and end it all

Angel boy
We fight the pain
Whisper secrets
in the rain

Angel boy
I will survive
My angel boy
You saved my life.

The author's comments:
This is a quick poem that I wrote. It is about someone very special to me who changed my life, but they don't even know it. I used to be very sad and quite a broken person, but then I found sanctuary in this person, and they taught me how to be myself and how to be happy. I hope some people can relate to this, and even if they can't, I hope it is a pleasant read.

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