Hypocritical Nothing

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

How can you profess that nothing is right,
when all you do is wrong?
How can you claim there is only love,
when all you do is hate?
How can you cry for help,
when you don’t offer it to others?
Why should you get anything, when instead you offer nothing?
Are you different from the kind, gentle people
that you call upon?
Yes, because you’re selfish for wanting people to be kind and gentle to you,
when you are nothing but cruel to them.
How can you plant a seed,
when you put forth no water?
Are you an inspiration to others that seek purpose?
No, because you scold the youth that follows you,
and expect them to succeed with no knowledge of the world before them.
Will they ever know the meaning of love and companionship, when they see nothing, but disrespect and abuse?
They do not adapt to the world you want them to,
but only to the world that they are grown into.
So is there any hint of remorse that you show?
No, but alas there is no hope for change when the wrong you do is not seen by your eyes that are blinded by your selfish pride.
Through those ears, you’ll never hear,
but through the mouth you’ll always speak.
So go, throw away your head, because theirs no hint of change in your heart,
you’d might as well be dead.

The author's comments:
My name is Ryder D. and I am 17 in the 11th grade. My life is full of people who expect me to always do for them and in return no thank you, or smile, just a sarcastic people who think that I myself along with other shall serve them because they are in their own fairy tale land where they are a prince or some royalty higher than the people that serve them.

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