November 15, 2010
By HollysFollies BRONZE, Ballinger, Texas
HollysFollies BRONZE, Ballinger, Texas
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If everything was as it was
And we had never been
The world would be a different place
Deplete of man and kin

We bring the oceans to their tides
And raise the sun from dust
We are the current of the air
And cause the wind to gust

Conscious creativity
Abstractions, thought, and mind
We are everywhere in everything
Without us you’d be blind

Across the world and distance far
Beside you in your bed
We reside within you
And cause the life you’ve led

We are work! We are energy!
We are passion! We are power!
We are here and we are there!
We are the seconds in the hour!

Living strong and living free
Timelessness, eternity!
We are drive and we are life
We are sorrow! We are strife!
We are rise! We are fall!
We’ve seen it, been there, done it all!

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