By Your Side

November 15, 2010
By JenniferC BRONZE, Fort Pierce, Florida
JenniferC BRONZE, Fort Pierce, Florida
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Life is complicated,
You wish for peace,
Happiness and good health,
But somehow,
When everything is going right,
You get knocked off your feet,
And fall on you butt,
But even though they've knocked you down,
You get back up,
Up to fight back,
You won't let them,
Keep you down,
Because you're the only person,
Who can really make you happy,
Don't let them take that away,
When you lose someone,
Gain something from it,
Don't break down,
Don't run away,
Because even though it's tough,
You wake up and realize,
That you're not alone,
And you never will be,
Because wether i'm there or not,
I'm always by your side.

The author's comments:
today, I was having a very bad day, and then I talked to a very close friend of mine, and he inspired me to write this, because he's always there for me, no matter where he is.

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