Defying Leviticus

November 15, 2010
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Forget the farce established in Eden.
The Serpent whispers his policies
Like he has authority over us.
We’re birds in a sky of opportunity,
Wings flapping like loquacious lips.

This mischievous red devil enjoys
Twisting my mind like a corkscrew.
My perception of reality makes the
Drunkards seem like revered philosophers;
If only ale could mend my wounds too.

The innocent infant hides away as
If he has committed an unfathomable atrocity.
Those glinting points of the amorous weapons
Melt away into a pool of golden nothingness.
Aloofness never felt so cruel.

The pillars crumbled like aged stone,
Leaving me to assume Atlas’s old duty.
I know the burden like a lifelong friend,
But every friendship harbors its differences;
I have no Heracles to rescue me this time.

Embers have lost their underlying tones,
Misconstrued like the gossip of juveniles.
Quavering pink articulators release icy fog,
Which I perceive as a dazzling nebula of addiction.
Frost possesses an innate beauty that fire lacks.

Kaleidoscopic vision creates a tantalizing
Panorama of opportunity that I cannot reap.
Bloody hands stretch outward like a
Small child yearning for a parent’s affection.
Should I not revel in this seizure?

White barricades enclose the wandering soul,
Their banal blanched hue amplifying the shadow
That that backstabber Erebus drapes over me.
Acknowledgment can create a transparent visage;
Aesthetics show through these two-way mirrors.

Sin incriminates the harmless apple;
Allow me to extricate it now.
Slither away into your hole,
You vile reptile with forked inaccuracies.
Eden was nothing but a fable.

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