On A Warm Gentle Night In August...

November 15, 2010
By ThePasserbyQueen BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
ThePasserbyQueen BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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"What Fools These Mortals Be!"
-Robin Goodfellow, Midsummer's Night Dream

On a warm gentle night in August
The pain I once posessed fades to dust
Lying upon the sea of billowing green
The stars overhead the most splenderous ever seen

Tips of our heads touching, our legs so far away
We've been here in silence since the dawn of day
In harmony, we breathe with the swayingof trees
And th graceful babble of the sprites' tease

A caressing breeze stirs up the voices of Elysium's glades
Nobles', maidens', and peasants' ancient laughter builds then fades
For they celebrate in paradise, their burdens washed away
And those spirits will be joyful forever, each and every day

I understand your sadness, just as you understand my pain
Let us forget all those horrors that drive us insane
Yes, our tears will be shed and the devl will do his deed
For Mother Earth's terrain is full of treachery and greed

You don't need to say a word, my dearest one
I know what we'll face once darkness sees the sun
But at this moment, I contentedly see
That with you in this August night, I'm meant to be

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