A New Flavor

November 15, 2010
Deep within the clouds,
My mind is roaming.
I feel this hunger
This weight lifted off my shoulders,
To endure something I’ve never felt,
The feeling reminds me of you.
Energy bursting like Mount St. Helens,
Love and light illuminating your eyes
Like a wild fire.
Your head and thoughts,
Fresh and new.
Like taking a bite out of a granny smith apple
Being tickled and pinched in unison
A celebration in my head
Of a flavor I’d never thought to taste
A gathering in your heart of a mystery
You are yet to solve.

Meeting up with you is like
Slipping into a new pair of sandals
After a very cold winter
Feeling free after so long of being
Constricted of what really makes you feel
Vivacious: Just spectacularly alive.

Why should I get a feeling
That is the slightest bit uneasy?
Why should I have to think twice?
You have no shame that you’re hiding,
You are proud of who you are
Without a doubt!
Well, you and I
May not be right
To somebody else.
Let them be held back by jealousy,
But I feel like I’m making a good choice
You and I, we will rejoice
In the many times that are yet to come.
My psychic thoughts will represent
What great friends we will become.

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