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November 15, 2010
By twizzlesinger SILVER, Hancock, Maine
twizzlesinger SILVER, Hancock, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"Life doesn't sit and wait for you to be ready for the great." -Me

I am from the stage,
Living an experience
I’ll never really conquer.
Singing from deep within
Belting so powerfully,
The front row will think I’m bonkers!
Telling a story,
Having it exaggerated...
Crazily amplified.
If the timeline was scary,
On the stage it would be
Te times more than terrifying.
Living for the memories of others
Who feel warmth in having
Something placed beside them
That is a character.

I am from the show Degrassi.
I have a titanic personality.
Just one slip,
And my mind trips
Falling down into the rain gauge
Where the tears continue to drip.
Love may be
A challenge for me,
It is hard to face the truth.
It’s a part of my life,
It’s no “I’m not taking it, if it’s not ripe”
Because I am the fruit.

I am from the sun;
Sporting morning smiles,
Hoping to please everyone.
As much as I try,
People smirk and wave goodbye.
Lessons I have learned
Include that friends come and turn
And clouds sometimes cover
My bright and beaming rays of sunshine.

I am from a crowded room
Thinking I’m perfect is something
That shouldn’t be assumed.
At times I make too much dust,
Then soon I slip from the upper-crust
Leaving me drowning in “why and how?”
While I look as lonely and chaotic
As a used, abandoned, messy party house.

I am from the heels of your brand new pair of flats
Shiny, the avant-guard of your wardrobe
I create a show fluttering with éclat.
The bows on the toes
Form my grin from ear to ear.
Promising they’ll fit in any situation,
Knowing they have an adequate amount of personality
Looking at your feet as the Duke of individuality.
Relishing the color that fits the mood
Wear them with the brightest punching color,
Rather, a hue that is utmost subdued.

The author's comments:
I poem about me. Hope you enjoy! I am new! Please comment! =]

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