Me in my mind

November 15, 2010
By JoeysGirl BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
JoeysGirl BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
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I am me
And this is what I'll be
till the end of time
inside all these rhymes
I'll make your head spin
faster than a pin
Smother then a teeter totter
but as quite as a silenced gun
I am me
I let myself be free
but only when im alone
do I show my true colors
The red for blood and pain
THe green for natures beauty
The blue for the tears that have ran
up and down my face these past years
I am me
Im the girl that is always around
Im the girl that will tell you how she feels
Im the girl that will try but wont succeed
Im the girl with the broken wing
I am me
Look me in the eye
and tell me its all a lie
I'll believe you as long as your true
Im always there like a bad fruit
Im the memory of the laughs
Im the person to pat you on the back
Im that girl who walks around with all the guys
I am me
take me as I am
or forget I even live on this land
I don't honestly care
Just respect me for who I am
Im the girl that you dont mess with
Im the girl who is true to herself
I am me!

The author's comments:
I randomly write and this year has been the worst year so Many of them are like this happy but sad but its all the truth

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