Freedom Will not Fall

November 15, 2010
8 am The sun has risen
On septemeber 11th New York City is alive
While passangers at airports get ready to fly
...Little did they know that terrorist in disguise
Are high jacking their planes in the Early Morning sky

840 am New York City so peaceful and calm
The out of the sky comes a plane
Targeting the north tower as if it was meant to be a bomb
Not soon later a plane attack leaving South tower to become completly cracked
Soon the firery holocaust would consume
All of New York City seemed to be Doom and Gloom

So as the towers start to fall
The heros of New York City risk their lives to answer the call
In Lower Manhattan the chaos and rubble combine
For what they see will forever captivate their minds
Because robust New York City has been mauled
With this urban battlefield and its collapsing walls

But on the front lines men and women protect us all
Go into the wreckage to see if there is anyone is trapped or alive with a useful distress call
While a great nation could possibly turn into a free fall
Especially if wall street cant exchange money at all

Now hate for one another is in a hide
And help for each other is in full thrive
As volunteers around the country go to the site of the crash to see
Ground Zero is nothing but gray ash
So since you cant go back to the past
The course of action is our primary task

Now families with losses of the fallen but yet proud
From the hereos that silently listen to taps be played aloud
Where the funeral was sad and somber with terrorism viewed in Rue but fought for the nation they loved so true

At the site of destruction The president shows his head
To national tv viewers what he sees is his face sad and hanging low
His expression has the words wiped right of his face yet his speech So passionate and great to the camera he holds his head up and Makes us think and with his pride he said In the craziness of the Towers fall terrorist cant take away our freedom after all

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