November 14, 2010
By Sowdapop BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
Sowdapop BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
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They say they helped by killing the civilians
They say they were sent for peace-keeping forces
They say that they were right
When bomb falling outside the doors and
Bloodshed filled the streets
They say they were protecting what was not there’s
They say only 20 of their soldiers died
But did they say how much civilians were killed?
What they didn’t say was the reality
They destroyed a country that was already in a debacle
They didn’t say that woman and children cried for their lives
They didn’t say that civilians had to protect themselves
They didn’t say that their helicopters landed in houses crumpling civilian, little children
They didn’t say that over a thousand civilians were killed
They didn’t say because they chose not to
Not to tell the public the true story
The true story of a war that started because they believed they could restore peace
By shooting grenades
Using civilians houses as shields
They said they could help when in the end
All they did was stare at the bodies lined up in the streets
With pools of blood surrounding them
They thought they could do anything
They say that they can fix the problem
But they only started what was not intended
It was the war known as black hawk down
Or the battle of Mogadishu
It was the war that US troops were sent in by the UN
It was the war that my relatives were living amongst
They say statements to the public that make them seem like heroes
But what the world didn’t hear
Are the lost voices of the victims
The lost voices stomped on, thrown away, and buried
Those lost voices is what held the real truth of the war

The author's comments:
I wrote this last summer in a writing session :]

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