The Journey

November 14, 2010
Transit Center Stop:
A man tap, tap, tapping
a polished shoe.
Four people listening
to the beat, beat, beats
of a cherished ipod.
Fred Meyer Stop:
A father loading
one, two, three bags of groceries,
the all telling exhausted
Burger King Stop:
The tough spike of gelled hair clashing
the soft touch of
pure skin revealed.
Plaid Pantry Stop:
An overpowering stench
of controlling cigarettes
staining the clothing
of an oderless soul.
YMCA Stop:
The sour taste of
fake laughter,
a sweet kiss to rectify
a long day.
PSU Stop:
The inspiring, naive smile
of a mentally ill woman
shot down by the judging
tatoos and piercings of
a realistic society.

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rkguth said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 12:13 am
ordinary sights and sounds made extraordinary with the descriptive language. love the details
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