November 10, 2010
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For years, we have seen man slaughtering man
Blood on our hands of another man,
And our countrymen dying in the hands of the other men
For years, we have been fooled by the promise of wealth,
The promises so deceiving yet so tempting,
And suddenly the man we used to know has become a beast.
Living a life of hate while only wanting to be loved

Then, men asks himself
“Why is it so difficult to love someone who is so different from us?”
So different, so different that it causes disputes and conflicts
Then, men asks himself
“Why do we differentiate people with race?”
Black, white, yellow
Yet we all have blood that is red.
Blood that have washed our times with countless wars,
Two world wars,
And innumerable deaths

Yet, if we could turn back time,
Just once.
Wouldn’t we set it alright?
Reclaim the precious lives of our grandfathers, our grandmothers
And the unfortunate children who only had a glimpse of life
And if we could change our future perhaps,
Can we not start right now in educating our children to love instead of hate?
To build each other up instead of putting each other down?
Could we not start right now?

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