What a Shame

November 13, 2010
the last one
nimble fingers
graze the keys
the piano giggles in response
remember when
you could play me
just as easily
your flannel drawn around my shoulders
a pinwheel in the snow
it's jammed
your feet are as beautiful as mine
like me
those shoes are prisons
they would rather touch the world
and wiggle in the sand
than be clean
an I will blow the cotton dandelion seeds
into your face
and you will sneeze
who could both pick me up
and set me back to earth
but I could lift you too
if you let me
on a daisy head
he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me
I will curl up
on your lap
and sleep
your big hands on my back
tracing secrets
I'll never hear
I'll flip a coin
and of course
somewhere in the delicate moments between indecision
my luck abandons me
my face is pale
I'm sure
but I don't need the sun
to run
and fly
I dive into the grass with you
we are laughing
I never had a better day
too bad it wasn't real

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