Birds of a Feather

November 13, 2010
A sparrow speaks
In secret rhymes
Mingled with bells
And hushed wind chimes
She sleeps in amber
And ruby shards
With marigold dreams
Of blue skies unbarred

A raven rants
With unraveled tongues
Spouting rivers of riddles
And notes never sung
Through moons of opal
Heavy and lean
He stands at his post
Guarding realms seldom seen

An owl he calls out
Questions and waits
For responses from phantoms
Conducting clever debates
Stories of centuries safe kept
Under the wreath of his crown
Those great golden orbs hiding
His grin from the desolate ground

A white dove sings
Holy hymns to the choir
Each quivering note
Lifts her winded wings higher
So pale and so pure
As the lithe lily's birth
A voice calls and she soars
To a barrier beyond this earth

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