Not Ready

November 13, 2010
By , Brownsville, TX
I’m not ready to be an adult
To have to work for money
To take care of someone else
I’m not ready to take responsibility
At fifteen I want to have fun
To have parties and be popular
But I do not want to be an adult
I can’t take care of a newborn
I need someone to be there with me
Where’s the guy that cared for me
The one that made me like this
Oh yeah, he’s gone and not here
Leaving me alone and not ready
This baby needs a good family
Not a little girl for a mommy
And a good-for-nothing daddy
This child inside of me right now
Doesn’t know what’s happening
But I’m not ready for this baby
I can’t raise it alone, I’m not ready
I’m still a little girl myself
How can I raise something with life
I still need my own mom and dad
If only I could tell him now what I think
And I could’ve said ‘I’m not ready.’

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