Sweet Revenge

November 13, 2010
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You watch her hair swing and flash in the light,
gaze at the curls twirling over her shoulder
as she tilts her head, laughing.

You notice the white tee hugging her hips;
the red skirt shifting over
those tight black leggings.

Then she turns,
bright tantalizing blues focusing on you.
Full pink lips curve in a sweet smile,
bouncy strides bringing her closer.

She hugs you,
a warm captivating scent drifting through the air.

That sparkle in her eyes,
that swing in her hips.

Her quiet sarcasm, obscurity,
easy laugh, passion;
so unique to everybody else.

As she bounds away,
leaving only a trace of that enchanting smell,
you finally begin to see her clearly,
and wish that girl was yours.

So as you lie in bed tonight,
replay the sway of those hips,
that light laugh,
the way her lips break into tempting smiles.

See the glitter of those blue eyes,
that one lock of blonde hair against her cheek,
the white shirt so tight against her curves.

Because that’s what you could’ve had.

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