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November 13, 2010
By Ethan Bevan BRONZE, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Ethan Bevan BRONZE, Scranton, Pennsylvania
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met a girl who was broken,
she had a big dent in her life,

i met a girl who needed someone,
like i needed one in mine,

through my life i had some ups and downs,
and all i ever did was shrug it off and smile a frown,

two faced liars are all around,
i know this cause i used too idealize one of such sound,

i wanted to be like him someday,
till he became twofaced and lies to this day,

i swore from then on id be true,
i swore my love would stick like glue,

now i despize him and turn my back,
ill never be the liar who leaves a dent on the brim of his hat,

this girl is broken and so am i,
i met her and my heart came alive,

from this day i swear ill be her guardian,
from this day ill watch over her and show her the light,

she wrote me a poem about two men,
one who leaves and one who stays,

her poem ended in a question,
well mine comes with an answer,

i fell in love with a girl,
and shes everyhting shes my world,

shes all i ever think about,
her love brings rain to this draught,

ill be with her forever,
from this day i swear,

well here comes her answer,
of if he leaves or he stays,

I Love You Rose Way,
and the answer to your question is Ill stay?

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