Ones who leave, & the ones who stay

November 13, 2010
i dont really write,
just when im hurt,
sometimes it never makes sense,
but its all how i feel.

not to long ago i met a guy,
i guess you could say,
i fell in love.

he made me happy,
& helped me forget my pain,
the only guy i ever could love,
the only man i ever let in.

my dad was never there for me,
so i didnt know what to do,
never had father-daughter time,
even though my mother remarried.

i couldnt let him in,
not after i was abandoned once before,
i guess i shut down.

everyone moved on except me,
& i may say i dont care,
but deep down,really deep down,
it hurts & i want to have that time back.

my guy, i could tell him everything,
i could let him in & i did,
i dont want to lose that,
& have another one leave me.

im talking about two guys,
one that cares & one that doesnt,
thats the only two types of guys,
the ones who leave & the ones who stay.

i already lost one about 16 years ago,
i need this one to stay,
he pretty much knows everything,
even my mother doesnt know.

i guess ill stop here,
& leave you wondering how my life turns out,
you choose: does he leave or does he stay?

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