Animal Villians

November 13, 2010
By Richard56 BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Richard56 BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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With bushy tails and floppy ears
Rabbits hop on their rears.
They bounce around all day and night
But dogs give them quite a fright.

They seem quite pleasant
But let me present
The truth about rabbits
and their bad habits.

Rabbit’s are evil cunning thieves
That can steal without a grieve.
If they do not get what they need
They’ll eat your brain and let you bleed.

Like rabbits they multiply
And on your family they do spy.
Watching you every day
Thinking how to steal in every way.

We must stop these dastardly creatures
With their hungry horrid features.
On the outside they seem cute
But you must kick them with your boot.

Rabbits hatch genius schemes
Some so daring they belong in dreams.
These master plans will give rise
To your final and ultimate demise.

Be wary, be cautious, be vicious and quick
Or rabbits will eat you on a stick.
Man-eating demons these rabbits are,
And they come from near and far.

These facts I present man seem odd,
But they are true, I swear to God.
So watch your back wherever you go,
Because your location, the rabbits know

Just wait, I am not done you see
I have only begun to spin my yarn for thee.
I have neglected to tell you about squirrels
With bushy tails that form in curls.

These vagabond villains are far from meek
With stolen goods in their cheeks
Acorns they take from others
So their appetites they can smother.

These poor and wretched souls
Resort to crime to fill their bowls
How dare they violate a community such
Because they take far too much.

They work with rabbits when they can
To do those deeds that have a ban.
Criminals of epic proportions
Commit far more than extortion.

But bears are violent and cruel as well
So much so that people they will fell.
Public enemy number one,
Because they use violence for fun.

They run a serious escapade,
Their past stands in the shade.
They are a mystery to the cops,
Even when it comes to blood drops.

Keep your kids indoors,
Call the police and close the stores.
These furry bandits are coming to town
And on their faces is a frown

Guns blaze as bears fight,
The rabbits and squirrels tonight.
Remember, crime doesn’t pay,
So all the animals, dead they lay.

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