The Evils and Benefits of Free Will and Thought

November 4, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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Is it possible that you,
Dedicated follower of the All -Knowing,
Know absolutely nothing.
You have no passion for the human race
Nor for the minds of your peers
You merely choose to think about
What you are not sure of
And refuse to think about the world
You are too afraid to think of things
Bigger than you and what's in front of
Your nose.
Be Free.
There are plenty that have as much faith as you
And can think freely because thhe world
Is what He has left us to ponder about.
Take advantage of it.
Think.About anything!
Why not create questions that have
No answer that can be proven?
Why not think about what is buzzing
In the minds of others instead of
Judging based on what they show you.
You are not the Creator. You are no one
But human.
Be human. Be intelligent. Do what intelligent humans do,
Think and dream of anything from the meaning of life to
The meaning of an insect. Why not do it?
Is free thought as sinful as all normal actions are?
If so what are we to do?
Live empty headed?
Live pretending not to see
Murder and rape and poverty?
Think and enjoy doing it.
I can't think of another reason
Why I fear the cult more
But for the restriction it puts on
The human mind and spirit.
There are other ways to rejoice
Than living in a neverending cycle of denial.
There are other ways to praise and worship
Than putting others down for not letting it
Consume their lives.
I do not believe He wanted us
To Live, forever in fear.
He wanted us to live a
Trying life. I think.
But do you realize that this obession
Is living a life a fear?
But I know nothing.
Although I love my Lord
I will be damned for my
Free will and spirit.

The author's comments:
No harm or hatred towards any religion is intended in any way. I am religious, this is my opinion based on my frustrations.

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