Where Does Life Go?

November 4, 2010
where’s this life going? it sucks never knowing
the path is too dark and can’t see you on the other side
it feels as if my heart has died,
and death seems better than this place
better than seeing him put his hands around your face
or put them around your sides; around your waist
i’m sure when he looks at you it isn’t chaste
with that motion my demon stirs inside
he awakens; bloodthirsty where he does hide
anger fills me at a time it should not
tears at my heart and causes it to rot
i should not love you, i should only care
but when i look in your eyes my heart is caught in a snare
i melt in my place; i lose control
my heart is yours and you can’t give back what you stole
try as you will, but it like going up hill
it will only hunt you down and fall in love again like before
the demon only ever wants more
i know i have someone else bu your what i want
i’m sick of everyone acting so nonchalant
ignoring me when i’m in need
no seems to care when i lie here and bleed
and the more i go on the more it seems you don’t care either
but deep inside i know you do, but i can’t take a breather
i never can relax, not since i’ve lost my tracks
and don’t know where this life is going

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