Deny the Craving

November 16, 2010
Deny your heart’s true intent
You can’t break under pressure
You have to maintain total composure
Don’t let them see it affects you
Don’t show your inner craving
Hold back your tears
Don’t reveal any fears
Keep your feelings in check
Release the tension
Make sure they know you’re through
Deny the craving
Let your heart break
Pull an invisible trigger
Close your eyes
Scream from the pain
Cry in the rain
Don’t show your true colors
Keep your distance
Pick up the pieces
Loathe what you love
Deny the craving
You want to try
You want to be with them
But they could care less
They give you the cold shoulder
They look at you in disgust
It sickens them to know you like them
Knowing that tears up your insides
Your heart breaks even more
But you can’t let go
Your heart still smiles at them
Deny the craving
Broken and shattered lies your heart
Glass in pieces
When you try to fix it,
It cuts your fingertips
Blood flows over it all
Grasping the glass that sheds more blood
You cut deep into your wrists
The pain is easing
It calms your mind
But your heart still bleeds
Deny the craving
You don’t like them
You can’t
It only causes you pain
An awful, horrible, aching pain
Nothing can fix it
Tell yourself lies
Lie about your true emotions
Conceal how it aches
How it causes the tears falling down your face
Make sure you know you’re through
Deny the craving
Your mind trembles
Your hands shake
Heartbeat fastens
Eyes roll
Tears show
You run,
Trying to escape their awful sight
They don’t care how it makes you feel
You hate how you love someone who hates you
But you can’t prevent it
Deny the craving
Let go of what you desire
Release your grasp
Control the tears
Undo what you’ve done
Tighten your fists
Take a deep breath
Exhale your thoughts
Let it all go
Consider the consequences
Let yourself be happy
Deny the craving

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