September 11th - A Rememberance

November 16, 2010
By Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
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Dedication to Those who have Fallen

Hushed conversations, quiet chaos surrounds
Once great and powerful buildings were now rubble on the ground.
Organized confusion, phones ringing off the hook,
How many lives this Disaster took.
Distraught, frightened teachers running all about,
“Does anyone know if the people got out?”
Our teachers told us gently, each in their own way,
A disaster had happened in our country that day.
Coming home to my mother crying in fear,
I found out that my grandparents were near
To the zone where the planes hit, now called “Ground Zero,”
Where firefighters risked their lives for others to live – true heroes.
The newscasts were roaring, all stations, all night,
We waited anxiously for our family’s calls – everyone was alright.
Since that day, when our country was brought to its knees,
The site of Ground Zero has been decorated with these
Plaques of the firefighters who tried their best,
And were lost in the fiery battle – now eternally at rest.
We thank tem for everything, everyone who was saved,
And honor them and their memories upon such a day.

God Bless America
September 11, 2001

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