You and Me

November 4, 2010
By cierrasmyth SILVER, Bracebridge, Other
cierrasmyth SILVER, Bracebridge, Other
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never regret something that once made you smile

I remember when we met.

I remember when everything fell apart. I remember when we met, again. I remember every feeling I ever felt towards you, good and bad. I remember everything; I remember you.
I miss everything we had.

I miss your hugs. I miss seeing your face; the way it lights up when you see mine. I miss our cold, drunken nights, our even colder walks home. I miss your warm house. I miss you.
I forgave what you did.

I forgave you for hurting me. I forgave you for what you did; with each other. And to me. I forgave you.
I hate what she did to us.

I hate that she ruined something so good, so sweet. I hate that she took you from me. I hate her selfishness. I hate her.
I forgot the end of that summer.

I remember that night; but nothing past it. I forgot the hate I felt towards you. I forgot the end; instead, I remember the beginning. I forgot you.
I reminisce in your memories.

I reminisce your touch. I reminisce your smell, your taste. I reminisce the feeling of your hair, as my fingers run through it. I reminisce in you.

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