Could Be Worse

October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

You say that this is normal
You say that out family just keep things inside
You say that when you talk to each other its not yelling
But when I hear you through the floor boards
There is no doubt in my mind that you are
Don’t ever assume that I'm asleep

You always tell me it could be worse
But when you leave on a plane without telling me
And when dad grabs another glass of wine
I know it could be worse
But to me it seems like my whole word comes crashing down when you make me feel like s*** everyday
I know it could be worse
But in this life I'm living it cant be worse

I guess you can just keep sending me off to school
Praying to a make believe god that I'll succeed
I guess you can just keep tell dad to put down the glass
But we are all just kidding ourselves to say were happy
You guys stay together because you think it would hurt us

Brothers already gone
I'm cracking
Help us please
Help us be happy
Just sign the f****** paper mom, just sign it.

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