October 24, 2010
By laura15 PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
laura15 PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
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I'm crazy,
my mind works differently,
different from e eryone else.
I survive on music,
music and friends,
friends and air,
air and Jesus.
I hate school,
yet I love to learn.
my least favorite class is English,
but for the life of me,
I cant put down a good book.
I think too hard,
too hard to see simple solutions.
pictures make me laugh,
pictures make me cry.
I'm in with everyone,
but an Abby Normal,
I'm a no body,
but more of a someone
than you'll ever be.
I'm special,
I'm unique,
that's what Mommy tells me, anyway.
I'm a strong Christian,
so is it wrong to love vampires?
vampires and witches,
witches and wizards,
wizards and mythology?

this is me, at least what iv found.
I'm still looking
for the other half, so don't hold your breath.
if you'v known me before,
you'd know why.

this is me,
being me.
Who Are You?

The author's comments:
this is possibly my most personal poem I've ever written that was about me and not a loved one.

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I LIKE PIE said...
on Jul. 9 2011 at 11:56 am

 Who am I? 

What a question. Sometimes even I don't know. 

 But I think I'm a smart girl, even if I often don't think so. a silly girl, but I can be sad. a strange girl, just trying to have freinds. I think I'm pretty, at least people say so. But God tells me my soul is far more beautiful.

 I like to think that I am Different. 

But who am I? I don't think anyone knows just who they are. 

Parkland Book