November 10, 2010
By Lucylu12 SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
Lucylu12 SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
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Gracefully Gliding
I glide across the white chilled ice in my spiral then
Get ready for my waltz jump as the crowd sits quietly.
All eyes are now on me,
I take off
With perfect posture I glide through the air.
I stick the landing and the crowd cheers.
Into my sit and spin, I become one with the music.
I’m ready to end my dance, and once I do I look into the roaring crowd,
and there I see my family and they make me remember why I skate.
I skate to get away from reality but I also skate to make my family proud.
Tears begin to roll down my Mom’s face,
and those tears show me that what I’m doing is making my Mom proud,

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