Why can't you just be with me?

November 10, 2010
By VannahJo BRONZE, Inez, Kentucky
VannahJo BRONZE, Inez, Kentucky
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Why did you spit in my face like a snake spits venom?
Why did I let that venom eat my heart away?
Am I not good enough to give you what you want.

Why can't you just love me and make me feel peace?
Why can't you just call me yours?
Just let me into that trapped door in your heart.
Let me be he one who will love you until the day you die.

Why can't I just be good enough?
Why can't my tears have meaning behind them as they drip onto this paper as I write?
Why can't I be the only girl you love?
Why can't you be happy with me?
Why can't I make you smile every time I speak to you?
Why does my heart pound out of my chest every time I hear you voice?

Why can't you just be with me?

P.S. I still love you!

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