November 12, 2010
By VonnegutLover SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
VonnegutLover SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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broken hearts don't mend easy
but they sure do break fast
...yours has never been dropped?
shattered on this floor like glass?
leaving shards and slivers
your bare feet
still bleed from
pain likes to linger
while the happiness fades
no ones aware
because truly
they just don't care
answer them 'fine'
its okay, they all know its just a line
and that your bleeding
and your broken
we can see it in your eyes
its just not that easy to hide
but no one dares
to dissrupt your mask
and let the truth spill out
because the truth is
the truth hurts
and no one likes to see hurt
or get hurt
and so they won't question
the lie you live
and they won't argue
the excuses you give
they just don't want to know
what cause your eyes
to glass over with lies
they won't help you
and they can't fix you
cause hearts break easy
but they don't mend well

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