Just a needle mark..

November 12, 2010
They found a needle mark by my vein, which explains why I'm insane, I put on a smile to hide my pain, there's no sun, only rain. My friends are always there, but still they don't care, they're normal which isn't fair, I'm shaking now so people stare. I always avoided and denied, because there was a lot to hide, Never honest always lied, Never quit, never tried. You would never even know, because I put on a real good show, Still I'm falling even more low, but my problem will only grow. I'm fine on the outter and dying inside, my name is Ashley and I have a lot to hide. You might think this isn't real, but it's really how I feel, I'm so hurt that I can't heal, so please cut me a deal. I wanna be normal just like you, I wanna be done, I wanna be through. I want to be "normal" and I don't want to pretend, I'd like to start all over, I want this to end.

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Jesse-Marie- said...
Sept. 5, 2011 at 6:02 pm
 This is amazing! I'm in love with this piece. It's very short but it holds a lot of meaning. I love the beginning, good job!
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