Terra Incognita (Latin- Unknown Territory)

November 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s not really a new world,
That I am infiltrating in.
I am just wondering hard,
What was I to get of my sins?

Were they really sins?
Oh, I don’t think so.
Turning from a juvenile to an almost mistress,
Almost everyone makes mistakes as they grow.

As I take each heavy step,
As I start walking the precept lines,
I am a bit shaky.
Do I really want to follow a decision that’s not mine?

But this is the point when everyone starts to get me wrong.
I didn’t know crossing this path would be so hard,
Though I knew the road was long.
It’s time for me to play the poker cards.

Folks have such high hopes and anticipation,
Why? Tell me the reason why,
Why can’t I be different? Is it their obsession?
I wish it could all be my way as I cry.

But Alas! I realize, I do have to compromise,
After all they outnumber me, don’t they?
There are good, there are bad,
They have experienced it all as they say.

But yet there is frenzy in my mind,
I guess my age is to be condemned.
Makes me feel to walk out of the line,
But trust me, in a good way; no one has to be ashamed.

I am a bit shaky you see,
As I enter this unknown territory.
Full of grown ups and statesmanship.
I know I’ll find my way right to the top,
And be happy for eternity.

This disguised world is indeed funny,
We always don’t get what we want, do we?
I know I will, I’ll somehow make it happen for me,
I’ll find my way to you, you’ll see.

I don’t ask for much, just cherish of me,
Just give a hand and don’t let me turn a clone,
Of anyone at all,
As I enter the “Terra Incognita” alone…

The author's comments:
As we grow...we make mistakes....we learn.....and when the day comes.....we realize how beautiful the journey was......

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