How to Save the World

November 12, 2010
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I'll admit it:
I've always wanted to be a superhero.
That's why I turned from the dark side to
the environment.
It's revolutionary.
I need to face the problems
and take charge.
The power of the wind
is only helping me.
I'm taking vast strides though
the dynamic nature of
values and human health.
I would call it a big improvement.
The truth:
Hard to swallow.
The elusive definition:
Murder to the universe.
Human behaviors.
However, I'm
working and wondering
to save us;
encouraging brainstorming
and creative thinking.
I've come with suddenly a
different approach,
a change of heart:
Sustainable development.
Am I sick, or am I crazy?
But I think that
integrating these root ideas reflects
common sense and
good judgement.
And maybe,
with a little
black magic and
the strength to get things done,
we can beat this and become
as solid as a rock
in a short period of time,
because right now,
the most dangerous thing on the planet,
is itself.

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