let me move on

November 12, 2010
By ceb20 SILVER, Salina, Kansas
ceb20 SILVER, Salina, Kansas
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"i can't see the trees, the forests in the way."

I'm torn
how can i choose
between the two that i love
between the both of you
why wont you yell at me
you don't get angry
you don't say its over
why won't you make me cry
only after you've hurt me
can i truely move on
say you can't yell
say you can't get mad
but if you truely love me
help me let you go
everyday that this goes on
i slip deeper into depression
everyday i see you
i laugh so i can't cry
all this confudion
all this anguish
all this grief
i feel i'm being sliced
my heart being stabed
my mind ticking with every minute
so please help me get rid of the pain
tell me it's over
call me names
break my heart
kill me on the inside
only then can i heal
if you truly love me
care for me
then break my very being
please do as i ask
it's the only way

The author's comments:
my friend was torn between to guys she liked. i wanted to help somehow, but i didn't know how to do it. then i thought about writing a poem about it. and, she said that it made her feel better.

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